Broadcasting Industry Integrated Solutions

Facing rapidly changing technology and intense competition, broadcast companies must tap their historical traits of invention and innovation to provide the content consumers want—when, where and how they want it. Selcouth’s broad experience, market-tested assets and unparalleled global innovation and delivery network complement our deep industry experience across the convergent areas of broadcasting, telecommunications, networking, systems integration and content delivery.

The broadcasting industry has pioneered markets for operation of many players in 21st century. Today, the entire broadcasting industry is dominated by innovation and competition, giving it a fresh dimension altogether. Reaching out to the customers consistently through multiple platforms is the need of the day.

The online world has witnessed an upsurge in the last few years. Media industry sectors are presently characterized by an ongoing revolution. This revolution might also be considered as the harbinger of future business operations. Supply chains are being re-thought, products and services reconfigured, and business models revamped— a rapidly altering business landscape that incorporates interactivity and continuous innovation due to ever changing demands of the Internet generation.

Resulting competition and rising consumer demand is pushing more established industry players to overhaul their IT infrastructures. And, they are embracing online content distribution, digital rights and royalty management technologies to rationalize costs and create new revenue streams.

Selcouth’s expertise

With our years of experience of working with leading broadcasting companies, integrated solutions portfolio and partner ecosystem, we can provide you with innovative ideas to transform your broadcast value chain.

With our expertise and knowledge, we provide the following solutions to broadcasters:

  • To adopt digital file based workflows (tapeless workflows)
  • To invest and implement systems based on cross industry standards
  • To effectively track media rights and intelligent analytics of audience
  • To implement solutions that help you enhance the value of your assets in a multi-platform environment
  • To manage airtime, customers and partners across the value chain