What is SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud helps organizations connect and guide customers throughout their buying journey. Transform your lead to cash process and accelerate sales performance with incentive optimization, sales coaching and learning recommendations – helping sales teams to spend their time on the best deals.

SAP Sales Cloud solutions helps organizations connect, engage and guide customers throughout their buying process. It transform your lead into cash process and smartly convert into cash process . it boost sales performance withwith incentive optimization, sales coaching and learning recommendations – helping sales teams to spend their time on the best deals.

A Gist Of SAP Sales Cloud

Modern customers have a strong control over their buying journey. By the time your sales rep approaches the customer, they have already made up their buying decision. The customer may have attempted to interact but there’s no visibility to it.

SAP Sales Cloud helps organisations to act rapidly, have a strong presence, become more relevant, and sell more. It gives you real-time access to engage with your customers.This solution has provision to track activities while you are offline as well as online.

Key Features of SAP Sales Cloud

Advanced Intelligence

Determine potential sales with the help of a functional system. Intelligent technologies offer you factual information and help make better decisions.

Step In The Future

This SAP solution helps you to understand current and future customer needs. You can design a proper and systematic plan of action that brings you actual sales now and also in the future.

All-inclusive Collaboration

Ignoring the piling unread mails? Utilize an interactive and easy-to-use platform for easy and swift communication with your team and customers. Share your knowledge and the right facts through this platform.

Enhanced Sales Management

The comprehensive collaboration and real-time information offers smooth management. Targeted planning, optimal use of resources, and control over processes improves management.

Real-Time Reporting

Testing waters becomes comparatively easier when you have a smart system and intelligent SAP solution to back you. Real-time reporting opens new market avenues for your business.

Potential of Cross-Selling

Loyal customers are the way to generate improved ROI. Interests, sales history, existing trends, etc. can help you to determine your cross-selling and upselling capabilities.

Overview of SAP Sales Portfolio

Accelerated Sales Performance

Automated Sales

Contract Management

Price and Quote

Revenue Generation

How Can SAP Sales Cloud help Your Business?

Sales CRM

  • Opportunity management
  • Sales lead management
  • Overview of customer activities
  • Route optimization
  • Plan activities

Pipeline and Forecast Management

  • Deal scoring
  • Graphical representation of pipeline
  • Forecast based on factual data
  • Clear graphics that enhance
  • decision-making ability
  • Enhanced Sales Management

  • AI-powered configuration
  • Compensation-based plan configuration
  • Dispute management
  • Improved adaptability
  • Sales compensation dashboards
  • Rapid calculations for smooth payment
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