Fashion & Apparel System Management

Customization, personalization, analytics and faster product discover driven by in store, online and mobile technologies is transforming fashion retail In a technology-conscious market, fashion retailers are adopting technology to grow and retain customers.
Retail management in fashion is changing. Retail fashion in apparel, jewelry, accessories, bags, wallets, footwear, specialty apparel such as sports, outdoor, performance, etc is extremely competitive with slender profit margins. Retailers are increasingly using technology to maintain competitiveness and address shrinking profit margins.
Technology is helping transform customer-facing processes such as targeted marketing, customer engagement, ease of product selection coupled with customization, promotional content, loyalty benefits and customer relationship management.
For fashion retailers, meeting rapid changes in demand in the luxury, high street, off-the-shelf and custom-fit category based on seasonal trends is a challenge. In a trend-conscious market, fashion retailers must ensure the fastest and most accurate delivery of products from suppliers (factories) to warehouses and stores.
In addition fashion retailers are expanding their footprint to reach global markets. They need to bring a better understanding of customer experience, personalization, signage, billing, etc that meet the needs of local cultures and combine it with attributes that have built the brand’s global identity and success.
Selcouth partnerships with leaders across Europe, Americas, Australia and Asia-Pac have helped harvest and generate best in class technology competencies for fashion retailing. Using our technological experience and expertise, customers are combining the data richness of the online world with mobile technologies and physical in-store needs for a seamless cross channel experience. Our global engagements have ensured a deeper understanding of customer needs, trends, merchandizing, customization, faster billing systems, digital commerce, social media, loss detection and prevention systems, energy management and CSR.

Selcouth focus on end-to-end information technology services includes application and infrastructure management encompassing:

  • Supply chain
  • Merchandizing
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • HR and financial enterprise systems
  • Hosted and managed infrastructure
  • Data centre services
  • Networks and security management
  • Green IT
Achieving high performance in fashion hinges on targeting specific market segments, learning everything you can about them and making them believe that only your products and services can confirm their sense of self-worth. That, in turn, requires constant innovation and novelty to create new ideas and trends. It also requires exceptional agility. High performance, indeed, requires outstandingly swift and streamlined operating models and exceptional supply chain efficiencies.
High performance also requires true multichannel management, which the segment’s leading companies are now starting to address. They are beginning to recognize that stores, catalogs, call centers, kiosks and even websites are no longer sufficient.
To achieve high performance in the future, companies will need to turn customers into advocates, spreading their message by sharing opinions and collaborating with their customers’ online friends—as well as becoming part of customers’ social networks as well. Moreover, companies that anticipate customer aspirations and sustain excitement with a constant flow of relevant innovations will be able to position themselves well ahead of the game.
Our investments in Point of sale solutions, cloud technologies, digital platforms for e-commerce, social media, mobile computing and tablet-based applications are helping transform fashion retail operations. Retail customers are benefitting from Selcouth Fashion Lab for the Future, an investment that creates applications and services using cutting edge social media, niche technologies like augmented reality and creates proof of concepts. For an industry that thrives on change, Selcouth is already one step into the future