What is SAP HANA Cloud Integration?

With businesses growing complex and technology-biased, the focus is shifted on having an integrated environment comprising on-premise and on-demand solutions for customers. SAP’s HANA Cloud Integration, a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) integration software, provides the solution by operating between two or more applications. It allows businesses to securely integrate their cloud applications into their business landscapes. To provide exclusive connectivity between SAP applications, SAP provides a collection of pre-configured content for SAP to SAP integration.

Who can leverage the Services?

Customers who use SAP HANA Cloud Integration which is now also known as Cloud Platform Integration Service can belong to any of the below categories:
  • Customers who focus on cloud strategy
  • Who need cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Who do not have SAP Process Integration or SAP Data Services on-premises
  • Who does not want to invest into an on-premise middleware
  • Who like to take advantage of some of SAP packaged integration
  • Those who prefer a subscription-based license model

Salient Features of SAP HANA Cloud Integration

With the help of this platform connecting cloud applications with other SAP and non-SAP cloud and theon-premises app has become easier. The main reasons for choosing SAP HANA Cloud Integration are:

Automatic Upgrades

It upgrades to the higher version without even interrupting the message processing and the updates are released once a month. The customers and owners of HCI are notified of the upgrade when it is done.


It is a flexible platform for accomplishing integration. Also, one does not need to create BPM processes for handling cloud integrations that require getting tokens and updating multiple HTTP/SOAP Rest Calls. Employees having internet access can work from anywhere resulting in knowledgeable workers’ work-life balance and high productivity. Businesses can easily achieve cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise integration.

Cost Savings

SAP HCI runs on a subscription basis; therefore, it reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The TCO of SAP HCI is less as compared to an on-premises solution because the hosting and maintenance charges are included in the subscription cost.

Reliable and Secure

Cloud computing services are much more reliable than the in-house infrastructure as you will not have to bear any loss dues to server failures. Hosted applications and services can easily be transmitted to other servers available. The on-demand solution provides the highest level of security features like content encryption, certificate-based authentication, etc.

Standard Content

SAP proficiently provides standard content that can be used to connect SAP, ERP, HCM, SRM, APO, and SAP Financial services with on-premises or on-demand solutions. It proffers pre-packaged integration content with mappings, API and adapter configuration, and connectivity.

Advanced Connectivity

Users can leverage out of the box connectivity feature of SAP HCI. The connected customer systems can exchange data based on the configured transport protocol. These protocols offer different options to safeguard the exchanged data against unauthorized access.

Why Selcouth?

Selcouth is a trusted SAP partner for past many years and we help to integrate your new SAP HANA Cloud Integration into your system landscape and implement interfaces based on our industry. We at Selcouth believe in working for extra hours to be in pace with industry’s latest trends and shifts and provide our customers with a matchless experience.