Online Companies

The pace of change is only accelerating for online technology companies and e-commerce retailers.

Product development and engineering cycles are shrinking from months to weeks to days. At the same time, content demands, application features, and user experience requirements are exploding as delivery channels multiply. At the same time, social media, online trust and safety, and dynamic competition are making customer relationship management increasingly complex.

But Selcouth is familiar with these challenges. Five of the world’s top seven online companies are Selcouth customers. Such experience provides us the skills and insights to help with virtually any technology project, whether it involves rapid product development, managing rich media, adopting social marketing processes, creating mobile platforms, driving user adoption, cultivating customer loyalty, or protecting consumer privacy. Whatever the need, Selcouth can bring your online technology company or e-commerce operation sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Capabilities

For the past decade Selcouth has worked with many of the world’s leading online technology companies and e-commerce retailers. Our experience brings a rich perspective and a fine-grained understanding of the product development demands and operational challenges facing e-businesses.

Few companies offer Selcouth’s combination of product engineering acumen, business process experience, and global reach. We help online companies speed development cycles, increase product adoption, improve cash flow, enhance the user experience, and cultivate customer satisfaction.

Product Engineering

Selcouth has outstanding teams of experts at the ready for rapidly creating new products, developing new applications, enhancing existing features, and rolling out new services. Our follow-the-sun global operations ensure rapid, high-quality development.

Business Optimization

From e-commerce, social media and cloud services to network infrastructure, supply chains, and business analytics, Selcouth can help improve and transform the business operations that make your products great and your company thrive.