Overview of SAP EHS Software

SAP EHS software solutions are the answers to maintaining a safer work environment for employees. The ferociously competitive work ecosystem affects EHS compliance in more than just one way. EHS software solutions give a clear picture of the state of the compliance through reporting and analysis. At the individual level, the data on the health status of each employee rounds up the SAP EHS solutions claims of creating a healthier workforce.
  • Reap dividends from a healthier work setup
  • Experience the benefits from a consistent EHS program
  • Arrest the incident rate, eliminate unsafe work culture
  • Dynamic EHS compliance with changing norms

Key challenges

  • Complete digital transformation to work in the new normal, and provide continuous service.
  • Meeting the statutory compliance post the pandemic impact
  • Constructing a work environment that innately adheres to EHS compliance
  • Keeping track of the health security safety measures employed 24x7

Challenging landscape of Health & Safety

  • Instilling confidence about safety among employees with safety management software
  • Sharing a common collective goal to ensure safety at workplace
  • Catching up with the new normal and the after-effects of the pandemic
  • Shaping the emotional quotient of the employees to changing scenarios

An Amalgamation of Data-Driven Process &
Industry Standards to Execute Effective EHS

Track Incidents

  • Laying down the groundwork with SAP EHS software to monitor areas prone to incidents
  • Extracting data related to safety trends through safety management software
  • Using the information gained from analysis reports to make changes in EHS

Monitoring Health and safety status

  • Creating uniformity in the modus-operandi to assess employees’ health vulnerability
  • Acting on the measures set to track the health status of the employee, and include the occupational data covering risks to the HR database
  • Monitoring the health and safety outside the core organization, like vendors. Alternatively, checking for health hazard chemicals

Environment Control

  • Familiarising with the standards set for emissions level
  • Monitoring the quality of air and water to ensure a healthy work environment
  • Running regular checks on the environmental compliance health security to detect deviation.

Compliance Management

  • Creation of workflows that are attuned to the compliance requirement dynamically
  • Communication of regulatory policies to the team to align actions accordingly
  • Monitoring the health and safety outside the core organization, like vendors. Alternatively, checking for health hazard chemicals

Safer Working Setup

  • In situations with high risk, quotient pulls in asset and risk management to be on the safer side.
  • Use information extracted from EHS reports, and implement the necessary changes.
  • Take preemptive measures and include necessary safety manuals in workspaces.

Shaping for the Change

  • Integration of dynamic work and status management SAP tools
  • Round up for the changes for the checklist and norms
  • Use of SAP automation for the auto-identification of new experts and internal policymakers

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of SAP Customer Experience Solutions

Monitor, Analyse and become Auto-Compliant

Relieve the admin department from the clutches of maintaining compliance. Instead, use the SAP EHS software application to automate the process.

  • OSHA Reporting
  • WSIB Forms
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Observation and Hazards
  • Injury and illness management

Gauge Condition and Manage Risks

Fine-tune the risk management process with SAP EHS safety management software.

  • Hazard and chemical management
  • Behavioral-based safety
  • Permit to work
  • Job Safety Analysis

Health Management

Track your employee health status through a series of EHS software tools.

  • Maintaining industrial hygiene
  • Occupational health analysis
  • Claims Management
  • Case Management

Benefits of Health & Safety Management system of SAP

Complete Enterprise Solutions

The cure to fragmented approach towards reporting and analysis

Get rid of the drudgery of mundane and repetitive tasks of extracting the reports. Let SAP EHS solution provide you a one-click route to all important data points.

Optimum use of time equity

Mismanagement of time hurting your company
Is the burden of menial yet time-consuming low-impact tasks eating up your time? It’s time to automate the process and free up time for some real work.

Innate compliance management

Are the changing compliance giving you a headache
Stay on course to accommodate changing compliance management requirements with less technical complexities. With SAP EHS compliance solutions, the process of compliance management becomes a smooth sail instead of a headache.

The larger goal of scaling the business

Is your administrative process gap hindering scaling?
Let SAP EHS software assist in scaling by filling in the loopholes that might come into effect with scaling operations. Expand the power of SAP solutions.

Benefits of Health & Safety Management system of SAP

Optimize the process of delivering a safe and healthy work setup to every employee with a feature-rich EHS software application.

Specifically Designed for Workspaces of Today

Every workspace has its way of handling operations that brings into play different forms of risk management. The health and safety management solution of EHS combines all the elements that suit different types of working conditions.

All Crucial Reports Just One-Click Away

Navigating from one page to another in a search report is not the way SAP EHS software works. Here, you have all the important pieces of data in one place. The clear demarcation of each form of data helps in streamlining the analytics process and drawing actionable insights.

Multi-Platform Support

The use of modern software solutions under SAP has an app avatar too. It provides the power of being flexible and addressing different concerns at once right at fingertips.

Application of Accelerated SAP EHS Solutions in Different Verticals

Energy & Natural Resource-Based Industries

When we think of energy and allied industries, we consider the risk-prone areas, like mining facilities. SAP EHS solutions provide a data-driven analysis of risk-related operations in such an environment that needs to be handled meticulously.

Manufacturing Industries

In the case of manufacturing industries, SAP EHS software churns out information on the risk-prone areas. This allows the think tank to devise safety policies to be followed by employees.

Real Estate & Engineering

In construction facilities and the core engineering sectors, employee safety management is of prime importance. SAP EHS solutions provide the workflow mechanism for such sections to reduce the incident rate.

Professional Services

In the case of professional services, the key is to keep up with the changing compliance norms. SAP EHS software in a way keeps you in tune with compliance. So, you don’t have to carry the pain of compliance.


The industries that form the utility section have their problems with environmental compliance health security. The SAP EHS software offers real-time insight from data for compliance while addressing high demands.

Life Science Industry Verticals

Life science includes industries, like bio-medicine and allied areas. The strict health and safety compliance needs hinder functionality. SAP EHS solution is designed to meet the unique industry compliance needs.