What is SAP BPC?

If you are in search of a simple and organized business process, then SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is an apt solution. Seamlessly implementing this SAP solution will help you skip a lengthy, complex validation and aggregation process.

SAP BPC amplifies financial planning, reporting, consolidation, and forecasting. It also helps minimize compliance risk. SAP BPC is a slice of the SAP Enterprise Performance management suite software.

Why SAP BPC is an Optimal Solution for your Entity?

Platform for Consolidation & Planning

Switch to a single solution that can help accelerate business efficiency and reduce human error. SAP BPC also helps you to acquire your financial close at a faster pace.

Defined guidance on business flow

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation can guide you through different business processes. You can follow an organized process for annual budget planning, monthly close, and many other tasks. It can trace employee activities and determine missing steps.

Intuitive Financial intelligence

Automate several manual processes such as allocations, aggregations, etc. This will help run what-if circumstances and speed-up planning cycles and in the right direction.

Identical Excel interface

Your business acquires minimal refinement training using the Microsoft Excel interface. You enjoy the same user experience.

Primary Potential: SAP Business Planning and Consolidation


  • Intercompany Dismissals
  • Intercompany Reconciliations
  • Legal Consolidation
  • Management Reporting and Consolidation
  • Data Mapping and Timely Submission
  • Planning

  • Expenditure Planning
  • Sales and Revenue Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Staffing and Headcount
  • Capital Expense Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Analysis and Reporting

  • Variance Analysis
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Driver Analysis for Capacity, Growth, and Industry
  • Forecasting

  • Profit and Loss
  • Progressing Forecasts
  • Cash Flow
  • Circumstantial Modelling
  • Balance Sheet
  • Integrated Financial Statement Modelling
  • Reasons To Choose Selcouth Consultancy Suite
    of SAP Customer Experience Solutions

    Explore the What-Ifs

    Explore the what-ifs and foresee future opportunities to enrich your decision-making potential.


    Leverage Mobile BI solutions to acquire and deliver deep insights into mobile devices.

    Realistic Planning

    Integrate SAP BPC with In-Memory solutions such as SAP HANA.

    Dashboards on BPC

    Create and develop analytical and graphical applications on BPC.

    Upgrades and Execution

    Effortless rollouts, maintenance, and upgradation.

    SAP BW/BO Integration

    Acquire well-suited integration to reduce TCO.

    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation on HANA

    The blend of SAP HANA and BPC is a beneficial solution for almost every business unit. This blend provides you improved ROI through refined performance.

    The Mix of SAC and BPC is Valuable for Customer

    Back the Corporate Plan created in BPC with SAP Analytics Cloud for reporting, Agile LOB planning, analytics, and discovery of intelligent data.
    • An integration with SAP Analytics Cloud helps safeguard existing investments creatively.
    • An integration with SAP Analytics Cloud helps safeguard existing investments creatively.
    • An integration with SAP Analytics Cloud helps safeguard existing investments creatively.
    • The phased and non-disruptive approach to the Cloud will help you save time.

    How Can Selcouth Consultancy Support You?

    Selcouth Consultancy has years of experience in the successful implementation of SAP BPC universally across different industry verticals. Take advantage of our expertise and profound knowledge of common standards and models for financial consolidation and planning.
    Our consultancy services are reliable as they are based on the best practices and smooth implementation. Your business is likely to acquire niche business experience and increased ROI at a rapid pace.